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ESU1 for Local Authorities

ESU1 offers a wide range of ambient monitoring solutions for local authorities with air quality management area (AQMA) needs for the reporting of NOx, SO2, and Particulate matter to AQD2008 Technical guidance standard 16. These include:

  • Rental and Sale of MCERTS reference standard approved equipment
  • Manufacturer compliant service and maintenance contracts for existing analysers including fully comprehensive parts warranty
  • Enclosure installation including concrete plinth and electrical connection
  • F-GAS approved regular air conditioning unit servicing, refill and replacement

ESU1 for one-off repairs

Our dedicated team of instrumentation technicians can assess, repair, and ship your analyser for field deployment within 10 days and we have a stock of dedicated reference method approved analysers for interim installation to protect data capture.

ESU1 for remote capabilities

A dedicated ESU1 duty engineer will assess your machine’s diagnostics and advise on any non-conforming factors indicating that a repair is advisable or breakdown imminent. As a contracted ESU1 maintenance customer your analyser is automatically interrogated twice a day and any diagnostic falling outside of acceptable parameters will be flagged for engineer review.

ESU1 for dedicated technical support

As a contracted client, ESU1’s free to use 0800 number will be your direct line to technical expertise for any site/monitoring related on-the-spot enquiry.

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ESU1 for Construction

ESU1 provides a complete solution for dust and noise monitoring to keep you compliant with local authority requirements, health and safety regulations, and environmental compliance legislation.

ESU1 will install regulatory approved dust/noise monitors on your construction site with licensed access to an online suite of real-time data dissemination tools which can be shared securely, or otherwise delineated to prove compliance or act on the cause of exceedances if required.

ESU1 will also supply a scheduled preventative maintenance schedule for equipment, including manufacturer led servicing as well as regular site inspection and filter changing/flow checks as appropriate.

ESU1 dust and noise can be integrated with a range of ad-hoc ambient monitoring solutions for NOx, SO2 and Particulate matter for larger projects, such as road or transport schemes, in both permeant and mobile monitoring enclosures.

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ESU1 for Industry

Working with select partners ESU1 can source and implement a range of process monitoring solutions, including:

  • Continuous emissions monitoring (CEMS)
  • Gas detector monitoring, including refrigerant gases, Ozone and Oxygen
  • In-situ cross duct monitoring
  • Gas detector tubes
  • Waste water monitoring and sample analysis

ESU1 for Data

ESU1 delivers ratified data to full technical guidance standards for a range of applications, including:

  • Ambient air monitoring
  • Construction dust and noise
  • Continuous emissions monitoring

Using state of the art remote data processing techniques ESU1 remotely downloads ambient data for dissemination, ratification and assessment. It is then prepared for presentation in its raw form or as statistical reports as required by the client or end user.

Construction dust and noise can be instantly accessed for interrogation by the ESU1 client or end user via secure web portal, placing real time data at the client’s fingertips. This allows for immediate remediation of fault conditions contributing to exceedances. This function can be built to include email/text alerts to a dedicated duty officer, whether that be a contracted ESU1 technician, or a local ite operative.

A suite of data tools is also available for the dissemination and reporting of CEMS data, delivered through an approved third party and strictly to regulatory mandates to ensure compliance.

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