The different ways ESU1 can help

Dedicated technical support for contracted clients

It’s important to know that you have access to knowledgeable and friendly support whenever you need it. ESU1 stands apart from other companies in the sector, thanks to our free 0800 number for any enquiries about site monitoring. If you’re a contracted client and have any concerns or queries, you can call us for a prompt and well-informed response.




Supporting local authorities

Whether you’re looking for reporting on NOx, SO2 or particulate matter to technical guidance standards, we can offer a range of ambient monitoring solutions. These include:

  • Rental and Sale of MCERTs reference standard approved equipment
  • Manufacturer compliant service and maintenance contracts for existing analysers including fully comprehensive parts warranty
  • Enclosure installation including concrete plinth and electrical connection
  • F-GAS approved regular air conditioning unit servicing, refill and replacement

Undertaking one-off repairs

Our dedicated team of instrumentation technicians can assess, repair and ship your analyser for field deployment within 10 days. We have a stock of reference-method approved analysers for interim installation to protect data capture.

Remote capabilities

One of ESU1’s engineers will assess your machine’s diagnostics and advise on any non-conforming factors indicating that a breakdown is imminent. If you are a contracted maintenance customer, we will automatically interrogate your analyser twice a day and flag any diagnostic falling outside acceptable parameters. We’ll then highlight it for engineer review.

Construction services

ESU1 provides a complete solution for dust monitoring to keep you compliant with local authority requirements, health and safety regulations and environmental compliance legislation.

We can install regulatory approved dust monitors on your construction site with licensed access to an online suite of real-time data dissemination tools which can be shared securely to prove compliance or act on the cause of exceedances.

We will also supply a preventative maintenance schedule for equipment, including manufacturer-led servicing, along with regular site inspection and filter changing/flow checks as appropriate.

Delivering data

ESU1 delivers ratified data to full technical guidance standards for a range of applications, including

  • Hyper-local air quality monitors
  • Construction dust monitors
  • Real-time air quality monitors

Using state-of-the-art data-processing techniques, we remotely download ambient data for ratification and assessment. It is then prepared for presentation in its raw form or as statistical reports as required by the client or

Local site operator services (LSO)

ESU1 Ltd provides contracted local site operator (LSO) services for numerous clients, including fortnightly calibrations and associated remedial works stipulated in the LSO manual, as required for national network reporting.

For new machines, the regular calibrations and filter changes/ sample path cleaning to manufacturer standards maintains warranty requirements. For pre-existing machinery, having a qualified engineer conducting regular calibrations reduces time lost to reactive visits as an engineer is positioned to use insights at LSO visits to intervene before a breakdown occurs.

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