Cabinets & Furniture

ESU1 design, manufacture and install a range of cabinets and enclosures ranging from static "BT box" type to large "container" walk-in versions. ESU1 also has mobile enclosures for spot monitoring or air quality management area consultation studies. ESU1 also has a range of cabinets and monitoring equipment for short/long term hire. In addition, ESU1 offers a range of cabinet refurbishment options for your existing enclosure, including:

  • Vandal cages for inlet
  • Vandal cages for air conditioners
  • Air conditioner upgrade
  • Air conditioner solutions for redundant type
  • Inlet replacement
  • Shelving replacement
  • Plinth installation and repair
  • Certified electrical testing

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Environnement S.A AC32e – e-Series NO, NO2 and NOx Analyzer

The AC32e is a continuous ambient air-quality monitoring analyser (CAMs), based on the chemiluminscence principle, which is the standard method for the measurement of NO and NO2 concentration. The new AC32e analyser combines 30 years of experience with its predecessors (AC32M, AC31M & AC30M), with the innovative features of the e-Series design. The outcome is a state-of-the-art instrument with reduced and easier maintenance and enhanced metrological capacities. Engineered with breakthrough technologies, the e-Series achieve a previously unreachable level of autonomy: it also integrates self diagnosis and a high level of self-operation. Each analyser is self monitored continuously for performance and fault control: it detects early signs of trouble, identifies the service needed and even guides the service operations!

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Osiris is a general purpose instrument which can be used as a portable instrument or deployed in a semi-permanent installation.

Fitted into a Turnkey Lamp Post Box, Osiris can be quickly deployed to study short or long term pollution hotspots in towns and cities and exceedance areas rapidly determined.

Osiris will continuously indicate the concentration of TSP, PM10, PM2.5 and PM1 particles with a resolution of 0.1 micrograms per cubic metre. In its workplace mode, it will indicate inhalable, thoracic and respirable concentrations. Osiris has achieved the Environment Agency's MCERTS certification, ensuring its accuracy in recording data.

An internet-based server is available for Osiris, providing a web interface, camera capability and internet communication.

Flow DetectiveT Air Flow Calibrator

An electronic airflow calibrator, which is designed to measure the flow of any air sampling pumps to within 2% accuracy and to measure pulsation. The Flow Detective is suitable for flows upto 5L/min, is rugged and is field portable. The flowmeter saves valuable time undertaking pump calibrations and when used with the Apex2, closed loop calibration can be achieved avoiding manual set up. Gathered data can be transmitted directly to nominated personnel inboxes.

Casella 63x Series Sound Level Meter

Assists with noise-at-work applications (ISO9612) and environmental measurements to ensure regulatory compliance and protect hearing. The versatile meters assist with the selection of hearing protection and can be used for site boundary noise assessment or noise nuisance complaints. The 63x can supply simultaneous measurements of all workplace noise parameters, measures octave band and is designed to make measurements as simple whilst displaying information as comprehensively as you require – all parameters are stored so you can view as your requirements demand.

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